New Directorship opportunities in Lions

A Lions Advisory Board

Lions members in Australia have the opportunity to introduce governance and management changes that will make us leaders around the world, not only in Lions but for all service organisations striving to better serve their members and the community.

To achieve this important milestone in our history the Multiple District Council will move a proposal to the Townsville Multiple District Convention in May 2018, to establish an Advisory Board to the Council.

The role of the Advisory Board is to support many of the administrative and operational functions on behalf of Council, enabling the Council to focus on its core missions; the coordination of effort across our large Multiple District, providing for the care of members, recruitment of new members and delivering the objectives of Lions Clubs International.

Why? Put simply, Council must focus on developing our organisation rather than simply managing projects, and its 12 month tenure of is simply not long enough to achieve our goals. Every year we come to this same realisation and its time to acknowledge that we can and should do something about it. For the past 3 years we have worked hard to look for a solution which we now have and will to put to the 2018 Convention for your support.

With Council to drive the development of our organisation, and the Lions Advisory Board providing continuity between Council, we believe we have a winning, leadership combination for success!

The Lions Advisory Board is seeking Lions skilled in organisation management who will  for a term of four years to support the Council with effective strategic advice.

More information about the Lions Advisory Board is available here:


The Lions Advisory Board.

Time to step up! Nominations close 5 March 2018

If you are a Lion with experience as a director; of your own company, in business, government or in the not-for profit sector.  If you have skills and experience in developing strategy and leading organisations, this may be an opportunity for you.

The Lions Advisory Board, if adopted at Convention, will need four Directors elected to the initial Board. The Council Chairperson will also sit on the Board as Deputy Chairperson, during their year of office.

The Lions Advisory Board will meet several times each year, alternatively by teleconference and in-person. Meetings will be businesslike, focussed and generally brief so it will suit Lions who have great skills but limited time.

The detailed position statement is listed here:

Lab Board Member position statement

Nominations must be provided to the Executive Officer in writing by 5 March 2018

Intending Nominees can call Executive Officer Rob Oerlemans at the National office to discuss the process and requirements on a strictly confidential basis.

From our International Leaders



“What a great opportunity for  Lions with Directorship experience to contribute to the growth and development of Lions in Australia”

Past International President
Barry J Palmer AO




“I am excited by the concept of the Lions Advisory being considered at our forthcoming Convention in Townsville.

If approved, it will provide a key change in the way we administer our MD, a great opportunity for Lions with experience to be involved in shaping our future, and much-needed support to our Governors.”

International Director
Tony Benbow OAM

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