Getting the most out of the Lions International Convention

roo1.jpgThis post is for our delegates to the International Convention in Milan in 2019, but it generally applies to any International Convention.

International Conventions are a great way to appreciate the breadth and impact of our Association with 1.5 million members in more than 200 countries.

When you participate in a colourful parade that can take four hours from start to finish it reminds you that Lions is (almost) everywhere doing fantastic work.

So how can you maximise the benefits of the experience?

  1. Research the program:  Get familiar with the program. There’s more than just the Plenary Sessions. You will find workshops, displays and exhibits and importantly, opportunities when you can connect with the International Leadership.
  2. If you haven’t been to an International Convention before you might be surprised by the glitzy spectacle that it is – and you will find world class acts and performers on show for free.
  3. For an advance copy of the program you can find apps for Iphone and Android available to find out more before you leave.  Look here. (After you have downloaded the app, just search for “Lions”.)
  4. Be with your team: During the Plenary Sessions, look for your Australian, Indonesian and New Zealand colleagues.  We try to find an area to be together but it is competitive! So arrive early and check our Facebook group where we try to post a message about our location.
  5. Be social:  Find ways of connecting with your international and domestic colleagues.  Our Facebook group is a way of communicating with each other if you are a little lost.
  6. Join our ‘Pop-up Reception’: Our pop-up Reception is an informal, friendly gathering for the Lions from our part of the world.  How does it work?
  7. – Join our Facebook Group.
    – Register for the event. (Coming soon)
    – Look for the announcement about the venue on Friday 5 July 2019.
    – Join us on Sunday afternoon for fun and fellowship.
    Here’s our photos from last year!
  8. Finally – you will have 20,000+ friends at the Convention. Be prepared to join a queue occasionally.  It’s fun. 🙂

Rob Oerlemans

Executive Officer


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